WSH Symposium on Cranes 2023

17 Jan 2023 Symposium Past Event Lifting , Machinery Safety Construction and Landscape

  • Date:

    16 Jan 2023

  • Time:

    2:00 PM - 5:30 PM

  • Location:

    Stephen Riady Auditorium at NTUC Centre
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The WSH Council held its annual WSH Symposium on Cranes on 16 January 2022. The event saw close to 800 participants share experiences, and discuss ideas to raise WSH standards in the industry.

Guest-of-Honour Mr Zaqy Mohamad, Senior Minister of State for Manpower, provided updates on the “Heightened Safety” period where the average number of fatalities per month dropped from 4.5 between January and August 2022, to 2.5 from September to December 2022. Although there were fewer fatalities during the last four months of 2022, last year’s annual fatality rate of 1.3 is higher than that of 1.1 in 2021.

Mr Zaqy expressed his concern on the number of crane-related Dangerous Occurrences having risen again, from four cases in 2021 to 15 in 2022. In addition, crane-related fatalities were also on the rise, with six out of the 46 workplace facilities in 2022 involving cranes.

He stressed the importance of ensuring basic mandatory requirements, such as ensuring cranes are regularly checked and maintained according to manufacturers’ recommendation. However, he added that just by ensuring the machinery is safe for use is not enough and outlined three other considerations: 

Man: Ensure a competent lifting crew. Crane operators must be trained and be registered with MOM. They must also be provided with proper personal protective equipment (PPE) and trained on their use. 

Method: Have sound planning and preparations before, during, and after lifting operations. Companies must develop a lifting plan before commencing lifting operations, supported with a site-specific risk assessment, safe lifting procedure, and authorised via a permit-to-work system.

Technology: Companies should leverage technology and innovations and incorporate them into their work processes.

Mr Zaqy also announced a new grant for Stability Control System for lorry cranes, which will co-fund 70% of qualifying installation costs, capped at $7,000 per lorry crane, and $20,000 per company. The grant is open to all sectors and businesses from March 2023 to March 2025.

The Symposium also saw speakers providing latest WSH developments  and sharing of practices related to ensuring safe lifting operations involving cranes. The sharings helped stakeholders involved in lifting operations update their capabilities whilst using cranes in their workplaces. A panel discussion was also held and saw active participation from both the in-person and online audiences, discussing safe equipment use, processes and procedures.

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