WSH Leadership Convention: ChemPact 2024

15 May 2024 Forum Past Event Chemicals Chemical

  • Date:

    28 Mar 2024

  • Time:

    10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

  • Location:

    Devan Nair Institute For Employment And Employability
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On 28 March 2024, the WSH Leadership Convention: ChemPact 2024 featured companies in the Chemical Industries and their proactive leadership towards building WSH capabilities.

In his Opening Address, Mr Lim Keng Yang, Chairman of Workplace Safety and Health Council (Chemical Industries) Committee, identified ownership, leadership, mentorship, and stewardship as crucial pillars in attaining high WSH standards.

•  Firstly, every stakeholder must take ownership in creating a culture where safety and health is of the highest priority.
•  This also requires leadership to ‘walk-the-talk’ and set high and clear expectations on WSH standards across the Chemical Industries value chain.
•  Additionally, companies can benefit from being proactive in mentorship, sharing best practices with each other to improve their safety initiatives.
•  And finally, good stewardship is key towards creating a strong and pervasive culture of WSH excellence, elevating WSH standards across the chemical ecosystem.

During the Convention, 27 companies from the Chemical Industries were recognised for their strong commitment towards WSH. These companies were acknowledged for setting the bar high for their WSH performance and have demanded similar WSH excellence from their contractors. In turn, their contractors had shown motivation to uphold high WSH standards. The four WSH commitments demonstrated by the companies are as follows:

1.  Be a bizSAFE partner or a company that requires minimum bizSAFE 3 or equivalent for their contractors;
2.  To assign weightage on WSH or have preference for companies with strong WSH track record for tender evaluations;
3.  Disqualify unsafe contractors from contracts or provide mentoring to unsafe contractors; and
4.  Empower workers (including contractors) the right to stop unsafe work and have an internal reporting system.

PCS Pte. Ltd. emphasised the crucial role of partnership with contractors in the successful implementation of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) programmes. These programmes include near miss reporting, intervention programmes to stop unsafe work, and empowering workers to speak out about safety concerns. Through this partnership, they have been able to enhance the WSH capabilities of their contractors who have all achieved bizSAFE Star certification or bizSAFE partner status.

Infineum Singapore LLP, spoke about the pivotal role that leadership in establishing and communicating high and clear expectations for WSH standards. The company leaders have taken proactive measures to develop WSH initiatives such as safety team friendly competition to foster a safety-centric work environment and recognise workers and teams for their exceptional performance in WSH.

The convention concluded with a panel discussion moderated by Er. Lucas Ng, Chairman of Jurong Island Vision Zero Workgroup. The panel provided valuable insights on how WSH can improve productivity and make good business sense. They emphasised the importance of strong leadership, collective ownership, and mentorship in maintaining high WSH standards. The discussion was informative and highlighted best practices that can be adopted by companies to promote a safe and healthy work environment.

Read Opening Address by Mr Lim Keng Yang, Chairman of Workplace Safety and Health Council (Chemical Industries) Committee.