Jurong Island Vision Zero Forum Maintaining confined spaces and mental wellness

18 Mar 2022 Forum Past Event Confined Spaces , Mental Well-being , Total WSH

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    21 Feb 2022

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    10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

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Jurong Island Vision Zero forum: Maintaining confined spaces and mental wellness

Held on 21 February 2022, the quarterly Jurong Island Vision Zero (JIVZ) forum was attended by over 340 participants, the most well-received session since its inception. Jointly organised by the Singapore Chemical Industry Council, the Association of Process Industry and the Workplace Safety and Health Council, the forum took on the theme of Maintaining Confined Spaces and Mental Wellness. 

Er. Lucas Ng, Chairman of JIVZ Group, highlighted that confined spaces are common work environments in this sector, and the maintaining of confined spaces involves careful planning to execution. ExxonMobil also shared the hazards associated with confined spaces, such as inadequate ventilation, presence of residual materials, and noise and ergonomic issues, with the corresponding safety measures to mitigate them. 

The Ministry of Manpower speaker shared two components as part of the WSH management system, namely fitness-for-work (FFW) and permit-to-work (PTW). 
FFW refers to the matching of job requirements with a worker’s health capacity so that the tasks can be performed with minimal risk to the worker. 
PTW ensures the safe execution of specific work activities, with communication among stakeholders (i.e. plant occupier, PTW authority and PTW user). 

The last speaker from Wong Fong Academy gave tips on how to spot and render assistance to colleagues with signs of mental distress. Administering self-help to modify one’s behaviour and lifestyle could also bring improvements to mental health.

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