The Singapore WSH Conference 2022

10 May 2024 Conference Past Event

  • Date:

    19 Sep 2022 - 20 Sep 2022

  • Time:

    9:00 AM - 5:30 PM

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    Singapore Expo
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Almost 1,100 delegates from various industries came together at the 7th edition of The Singapore WSH Conference to exchange knowledge on emerging WSH trends and practices. The Conference offered much insights on key WSH developments from the industry leaders and government representatives who led our plenaries and symposiums.

Divided into three key areas, namely “Employers”, “Employees” and “Future of Work”, the Conference covered three broad topics of ownership, health and technology. Many discussions centred on strengthening employee safety, health and well-being while getting businesses back on track, improving WSH processes, and bolstering companies’ competitive edge.

Plenary 4: Reinforcing WSH for Business Sustainability

Safety and Health are everyone’s responsibilities, and even more so for top leaders or CEOs in the company who play a crucial role inculcating a strong safety and health culture at the workplace.

During this panel discussion, our panelists examined the four principles of the newly-introduced Code of Practice on Chief Executives’ and Board of Directors’ WSH Duties. These principles are focused on integrating WSH into all business decisions; continuously building a strong WSH culture; ensuring that WSH management systems are effective and regularly reviewed; and empowering workers to actively engage in WSH.


The plenary also explored the future of work, namely how companies can embrace new workplace norms, like hybrid work arrangements, coupled with technology adoption.

Below are some of the memorable quotes from The Singapore WSH Conference 2022:

“Now, two years on, we have brought the Conference back with the theme “Reinforcing WSH for Business Sustainability”. This is appropriate, considering that COVID-related pressures could have distracted many companies from WSH. We need a rallying call to refocus attention on WSH, and remind companies that good WSH is good for business sustainability.”

Mr John Ng, Chairman of the WSH Council

“Your business will be more sustainable if you have high WSH standards. You can secure more contracts with buyers that value WSH. You can better attract and retain talent, given your strong reputation for looking after their safety and health. And you avoid disruptions following accidents, stop work orders or debarment from hiring foreign employees.”

Dr Tan See Leng, Minister for Manpower

“Whatever the source of change in the future workplace, whether it be technology, business or regulations, the outcome will be determined by how people adapt and organise themselves. Good design of products, services, systems or regulations, that considers human factors engineering will stand out well. Effectively bringing people on-side to adopt change is needed for successful implementation.”

Mr Lee Tzu Yang, Chairman of the Public Service Commission
Keynote Speaker