bizSAFE Convention 2021

23 Nov 2021 Ceremony Past Event

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    29 Jun 2021

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    2:30 PM - 4:30 PM

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bizSAFE Convention 2021 sends out message of care and resilience to companies and workers

With the goal to help companies build capabilities for workplace safety and health (WSH), the WSH Council organised the bizSAFE Convention 2021 on 29 June. The event garnered massive support, boasting over 1,500 sign-ups.
Themed “A Healthier You is a Safer You”, the Convention delineated the importance of risk management as well as health and the Total WSH approach for the safety of our workers, especially in COVID times. 
The speakers shared useful information that included the Traditional Chinese Medicine’s holistic perspective to improving health and mental well-being, what employers could do to be resilient to evolving conditions, and the Safe Management Measures for protecting workers.
Past bizSAFE Award winners in the panel discussion shared about their respective challenges and responses to COVID-19. A key message that resonated with the panellists and participants polled was the need for mutual care. Employers too were facing immense pressure to keep the business afloat, and workers should be understanding and supportive as well towards the common goal of securing their livelihoods.
The Convention was graced by Senior Minister of State for Manpower, Mr Zaqy Mohamad. In his opening speech, Mr Zaqy addressed the recent spate of fatal workplace accidents, calling it “most worrying and disturbing” as many of the accidents were caused by basic safety lapses that could have been avoided.
Mr Zaqy urged companies to answer the WSH Council’s recent call for a Safety Time-Out (STO) to prevent further workplace accidents. Heartened that both the industry associations and unions were supporting the STO callout, he reiterated that safer working conditions could only be achieved when both employers and employees take ownership of their own workplace safety and health.
Read Opening Address at bizSAFE Convention 2021 by Senior Minister of State for Manpower Mr Zaqy Mohamad