Target Zero Falls Campaign 2022

From the start of this year till July, falls from height has been the top cause for workplace fatal injuries, with seven out of 29 fatalities.

Launch of Target Zero Falls Campaign
Organised by the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Council, the Target Zero Falls Campaign 2022 was launched on 14 July 2022 to increase awareness and education on preventing falls from heights, and to rally all industries to take serious actions on fall prevention.

Follow these four key actions to address work at height risks:

Identify work at height hazards and alert your workers of the danger through clear communication (e.g. put up a signage around a hazardous area). 

Equip workers with the correct Personal Protective Equipment to protect themselves while working at height (e.g. fall arrest equipment, anti-slip footwear).

Allow only authorised workers (including contractors) entry into the worksite.

Brief workers on the Safe Work Procedure (SWP) for the task and provide on-site supervision to ensure workers follow the SWP.

It is important to conduct risk assessments to identify potential risks before implementing accident preventive measures.

Download and share these resources with your colleagues and co-workers:
“Fall from Forklift” video
Do not jump off the loading bay (animated GIF)
Face the cabin while exiting (animated GIF)