Drive Safe, Work Safe Campaign 

Vehicular safety continues to be one of the focus areas this year. During the first half of 2022, Vehicular Incidents was one of the top two causes of workplace fatalities, with seven deaths. The Drive Safe, Work Safe Campaign seeks to remind vehicle drivers on safe driving.

Launch of Drive Safe, Work Safe Campaign 2022

The Drive Safe, Work Safe Campaign 2022 was launched at the Learning Journey on Vehicular Safety on 4 November 2022 to raise awareness of vehicular safety and traffic safety management, and to urge employers and drivers/operators to play their part to “Drive Safe and Work Safe”.

Learning Journey on Vehicular Safety
The Learning Journey, which was organised by the WSH Council in collaboration with PSA Corporation and GEODIS Logistics Singapore, saw the two companies taking the lead in adopting good industry practices on vehicular safety through the adoption of technology so that they may better protect their workers. 

PSA showcased its telematics device used to enhance vehicular safety. It also shared how video analytics is used to address compliance to safe work procedures, and Take 5+, a five-step tool, is used to make the working environment safer. View videos on Telematics in PSA Prime Movers and Human Touch to Telematics

GEODIS Logistics Singapore showcased its System for Collision Avoidance and Pedestrian Detection (SCAPeD)  a winner of WSH Innovation Awards 2022 — a detection system which helps to alert drivers to potential obstacles (e.g. humans and moving objects) to avoid a collision.

Senior Minister of State for Manpower, Mr Zaqy Mohamad, participated in the demonstrations of these WSH technologies, which help increase situational awareness of vehicle operators and safeguard them as well as other road users.

How to Participate in the Drive Safe, Work Safe Campaign

For Employers:

  • Engage drivers and forklift operators regularly on safe driving tips.
  • Develop and implement a workplace traffic safety management plan.
  • Demarcate pedestrian walkways clearly from vehicular paths.
  • Use only attachments approved by manufacturers (when using forklifts).

For Drivers/Operators:

  • Drive and operate vehicles that you are licensed and authorised to.
  • Operate vehicles with care and use them only for their intended purposes (e.g. never use a forklift to carry or transport a person).
  • Always check for blind spots when reversing and changing lanes.
  • Engage parking/hand brake fully.


Event Resources slides

Drive Safe! Vehicle Decal


Be careful of swinging sideboard or tailboard 
Buckle seat belt before driving off 
Check your blind spots 
Do not use a forklift to carry or transport a person 
Use a designated pedestrian walkway 
Rest if feeling tired 

The GIFs are also available in five native languages, namely Bengali, Mandarin, Tamil, Thai and Vietnamese.

Graphic Images

Do not hang loads or use attachments not approved by the manufacturer 
Engage your hand brake fully 
Put wheel chock when the heavy vehicle is parked 
Hydrate yourself 

 Pictogram posters
6 Basic WSH Rules for Loading on Vehicles
6 Basic WSH Rules for Traffic Management
6 Basic WSH Rules for Fatigue Management

Training slides for workers 
Loading on Vehicles
Vehicular Accidents
Fatigue Management

Resources for vehicular safety
For Management and Supervisors:

For Drivers: