Jurong Island Vision Zero

Jurong Island is Singapore's centrepiece for refining, petrochemical, and speciality chemicals activities. Its highly integrated infrastructure closely connects both customers and suppliers, often literally over the fence through pipes. This integrated ecosystem, featuring utilities and logistics service providers, creates production synergies that allow companies to save costs.
It is envisioned that every company and every worker on Jurong Island will embrace the mindset that all work-related injuries and ill-health are preventable. To achieve this culture of prevention, it is important for companies to demonstrate care for their workers’ safety, health and well-being. Similarly, workers should trust their companies to have their best interests and to look out for them. 
To have this culture of care and trust permeating every company and individual on Jurong Island is key in fostering a zero-harm work environment. In this cluster, companies will be exchanging WSH best practices, and collectively raising WSH standards on the island. Efforts in building a robust culture will reinforce workers’ confidence.

Attributes of a Vision Zero Company on Jurong Island
1. Proactive
Creates a safe and healthy work environment for workers through the implementation of pre-emptive measures instead of responding only when incidents happen e.g. implementing a behavioural-based safety programme to identify and manage at-risk behaviours and unsafe conditions before accidents occur.
2. Preventive mindset
Possesses a mindset that all incidents can be prevented, rather than regarding incidents as a statistical occurrence e.g. implementing a near-miss reporting system to prevent near-misses from escalating into an accident.
3. Solution-oriented
Comes up with multi-pronged and comprehensive solutions to prevent an accident from recurring, rather than focusing on and resolving the root cause e.g. putting in place measures that address different factors that had contributed to an accident. 
4. Builds collective ownership
Encourages WSH ownership and extends it to key stakeholders within the company’s supply chain, which includes suppliers, manufacturers, contractors and clients e.g. involving supply chain partners and contractors in WSH-related programmes and events.
5. Goes beyond compliance
Goes the extra mile and does more than what is required by regulations e.g. going beyond risk management by implementing a WSH Management system.
Vision Zero Champions

The Vision Zero Movement is championed by a passionate group representing the process and supporting industries, that proactively advocates safety and health at work on Jurong Island.
1. Association of Process Industry
2. ExxonMobil Singapore Chemical Plant
3. Lucite International Singapore Pte Ltd
4. Petrochemical Corporation of Singapore (Private) Limited
5. Poh Tiong Choon Logistics Ltd
6. Sembcorp Utilities Pte Ltd
7. Shell Chemicals Seraya Pte Ltd
8. Singapore Chemical Industry Council
9. Singapore Refining Company Pte Ltd
10. Vopak Terminals Singapore Pte Ltd

How to Join The Cluster
Be part of the cluster and take an active role to improve the WSH standards of your industry and foster a culture of prevention within the workforce. This cluster is open to occupiers operating on Jurong Island, and contractors supporting these occupiers.

Join the Jurong Island Vision Zero Cluster
View the list of companies that are committed to Vision Zero Movement on Jurong Island

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Supporting organisations
Association of Process Industry (ASPRI)
Singapore Chemical Industry Council
United Workers Of Petroleum Industry

Jurong Island Vision Zero stickers (PDF)
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