About Risk Management

Learn the definition for risk management. And find out about related laws and industry standards.

Definition: Risk Management

Risk Management (RM) is a systematic way of:

  • Identifying, assessing, controlling and monitoring workplace safety and health (WSH) risks associated with any work activity or trade.
  • Communicating these risks to employees, contractors and other relevant parties.

Risk Management Process

The main components of RM include preparation, risk assessment, risk control implementation, record-keeping and review. Refer to the Code of Practice on WSH Risk Management (PDF) for more information.

Above: Risk management process

Laws and Industry Standards

As an employer, self-employed person or principal (e.g. contractor, subcontractor), you are required to conduct regular risk assessments (RAs) to identify and address WSH risks in your company. You are also expected to comply with Singapore's WSH laws, and pay particular attention to:

In addition, you should observe relevant industry standards, such as:

Please refer to the WSH (Approved Codes of Practice) Notification (PDF) for the full list of approved Codes of Practice.