Performance Indicators

Learn how to monitor and improve process safety performanc.

Performance Monitoring

Performance monitoring for process safety can improve safety and reduce the risk of a process safety incident. Process safety performance indicators help us stay on course. These monitoring indicators provide assurance that process safety risks are adequately controlled.

Types of Indicator

There are two types of process safety performance indicators, namely, leading and lagging indicators.




  • Proactive monitoring
  • Provides feedback on safety performance of risk control systems before an incident or accident happens
  • Evaluates present state of workplace through routine and systematic inspections


  • Reactive monitoring
  • Identifies gaps and weaknesses in risk control systems following incidents or accidents
  • Steps in when desired safety outcome has failed



Monitoring Methodology

You can adopt the following methodology to implement a programme of performance monitoring for process safety risks.

Step 1: Establish programme

Step 2: Implement programme

Step 3: Monitor programme

Step 4: Review programme


For more information on the process safety performance monitoring programme, refer to the WSH Guidelines on Process Safety Performance Indicators (PDF).