Contractor Management

Learn how to manage contractors effectively to minimise risk and meet WSH standards.

Project Contracting

Contractors are commonly being engaged in a wide spectrum of activities, ranging from installations, maintenance and repair to services. Often, there will be several contractors performing multiple work activities on-site at any one time.

Proper contractor management is therefore important to ensure that contractors do not create unnecessary risks for themselves or others.


Client’s Role

As a client engaging contractors for your works, you should

  • Determine the applicable safety and health requirements
  • Select the most suitable contractor who can meet your WSH requirements
  • Advise the contractors in their risk management planning
  • Familiarise the contractors with your site and in-house rules
  • Monitor the WSH performance of the contractors periodically


Contractor’s Role

The contractor should

  • Work according to the client’s WSH requirements
  • Conduct risk assessments
  • Inform employees and subcontractors on site rules and workplace hazards
  • Ensure employees receive adequate and relevant training for their work
  • Provide adequate work supervision of employees and subcontractors


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