Cleaning Services

Learn about the cleaning industry, common work hazards and preventive measures.

About the cleaning industry

The cleaning services industry plays a crucial role in maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene standards of our city.

Cleaners work in diverse workplaces:

  • Residential estates.
  • Industrial buildings.
  • Offices.
  • Food and beverage establishments.


Many cleaners are also older workers who may be more prone to health and safety risks at work. Their health, safety and wellbeing become paramount when managing them.  


Hazards in cleaning services


Some hazards associated with common cleaning activities are:




Work Activity




Pressurised jet spraying

Refuse disposal




Slips and trips


Poor posture

Chemical handling
















Caught-in-between objects





Table: Work activity & hazard matrix


Safe work practices


During their work, cleaners should observe the follow measures to protect themselves:


Mopping or sweeping

  • Stand upright and keep back straight.
  • Always wear non-slip shoes.
  • Wear rubber gloves when handling cleaning chemicals.

Using electrical equipment (e.g. scrubber, spray jet)

  • Keep wiring or hose from tangling or kinking.
  • Turn off motor when not in use.
  • Avoid tampering or modifying the equipment.


Emptying litter or refuse bins

  • Seek help from co-worker to lift bin.
  • Avoid contact with the contents. Wear gloves and use tongs.
  • Check contents visually for sharp objects.



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