Implementing Flexible Work Arrangements E-learning Course

Access the ‘Implementing Flexible Work Arrangements’ e-learning course to learn how to implement FWAs and cultivate a supportive work-life culture.

08 Aug 2023 Tools and templates Work-life harmony Best practices

Flexible Work Arrangements (FWAs) help organisations to attract and retain talent competitively and deploy manpower more nimbly. This flexibility also helps employees to become more productive, as they can better manage their work and personal responsibilities.

Designed for business owners, supervisors and human resource executives, this 60-minute e-learning course will cover:

  1. Introduction to flexible work arrangements (FWAs)
  2. How to start implementing FWAs in your organisation
  3. How to manage FWAs in a team setting
  4. Challenges and solutions in FWA implementation
  5. Adopting the Tripartite Standards for Flexible Work Arrangements

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CPD Accreditation

Participants in this programme who are IHRP-certified will be awarded 1 CPD hour following the successful submission of hours through the IHRP Portal. Click here for more information, or reach out to if you require assistance.