Age Management: Grants and Funding

Learn about available assistance programmes for employers and employees.

What Employers Can Apply For

Employers can tap the following support schemes to hire and retain senior workers through the Senior Worker Support Package:

  • Senior Employment Credit
    Provide wage offsets to hire Singaporean workers aged 55 and above, and earning up to $4,000/month.
  • CPF Transition Offset
    Provide wage offsets to hire Singaporean and PR workers aged from 55 to 70, equivalent to half of the increase in employer CPF contribution rates in 2022. 
  • Part-time Re-employment Grant
    Provide funding support to employers who commit to offering part-time re-employment to eligible senior workers who request for it.

Refer to the Factsheet on Senior Worker Support Package for more information.

You may also refer to employer funding and assistance schemes for a comprehensive list of funding schemes offered by the government.

What Employees Can Apply For

Under the SkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy , Singaporeans aged 40 and above can enjoy course fee subsidies of up to 90 percent. This applies for WDA-funded courses at the diploma, post-diploma and undergraduate degree level. This provides mid-career professionals with more options to acquire relevant skills.