Beyond 20/20: DNA of Progressive Employers

A research report decoding the DNA of progressive employers – the keys to managing the future of work, the workforce, and the workplace.

16 Aug 2021 Publications Age management Caregiving leave Dismissal Employment contract Grievance handling Performance management Recruitment Retrenchment Service contract Term contract employment Work-life harmony Workplace harassment Trending Best practices Future of work

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Methodology
  • Employment Practices: Why "Good Enough" is not Good Enough
  • Beyond Good: Progressive Employment Practices 
  • Progressive Employment Practices: Progress so far 
  • DNA of Progressive Employers: Five Building Blocks
    • #1 Collaborative Networks
    • #2 Employee Voice
    • #3 Continuous Evolution
    • #4 Talent Optimisation
    • #5 Holistic Care 
  • Final Words: A Call to Action
  • References and Resources 
  • Acknowledgements