Tripartite Advisory on Managing Excess Manpower and Responsible Retrenchment

This advisory provides employers with guidelines on carrying out a retrenchment exercise responsibly, if it is inevitable.

20 Jan 2023 Advisories Retrenchment Best practices

Table of Contents

  • Introduction 
  • Preserving Jobs a Priority in Managing Excess Manpower
  • Responsible Retrenchment as a Last Resort
    • Objective Selection Criteria
    • Maintaining a Strong Singaporean Core
    • Clear Communication and Notification
    • Support for Affected Employees - Retrenchment Benefit and Job Support
  • Conclusion 
  • Annex A: Cost-saving Measures to Preserve Jobs
  • Annex B: Responsible Retrenchment Practices - Checklist
  • Annex C: Notification Requirement and Retrenchment Benefit