Welcome Address by Mr Heng Chee How, Co-chairperson, Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices, and Deputy Secretary-General, National Trades Union Congress, at the TAFEP Exemplary Employer Award 2016

08 Apr 2016Speeches

Mr Lim Swee Say, Minister for Manpower

Dr Robert Yap, President, Singapore National Employers Federation

Ms Mary Liew, President, National Trades Union Congress

Mr Douglas Foo, Co-chairperson, TAFEP, and Vice-President, SNEF,


Ladies and Gentlemen

Good morning.


Welcome and congratulations

1. We are extremely happy to have you join us this morning for the TAFEP Exemplary Employer Award 2016.

2. Ever since its inception in 2010, the Exemplary Employer Award has been a hallmark in Singapore’s drive to build a fair and inclusive environment for our workforce. Today, we are here to celebrate outstanding employers who have demonstrated outstanding qualities in fair and progressive employment practices.

3. I would like to congratulate all our winners and finalists for their dedication and commitment to building a fair and inclusive workplace for their employees. TAFEP EEA 2016

4. The Award this year is a special one.We are celebrating TAFEP’s tenth anniversary this year. Looking at the practices of the finalists and winners, I am happy to see that much progress been made since TAFEP was set up a decade ago. Throughout these years, TAFEP has provided advice and guidance to many employers, and I am happy to know that we have helped many companies to advance their practices and strengthen their journeys.

5. This year, we have fifteen winners for the TAFEP Exemplary Employer Award. This is a record for us. Despite more stringent criteria, the number of
winners is almost twice that of the Award in 2014. This shows that more companies in Singapore are now seeing the value of fair and progressive employment practices and treating this as a priority.

6. I am also encouraged by the performance of companies who were winners in previous editions of the Award. Some of these winners have continued to improve upon their good past efforts, and their persistence has resulted in them being included in the winners’ list this year.

7. Another highlight is seeing more companies enter the Award for the first time, and successfully making their way into the winners’ circle. I hope that even more companies can follow their example, and join us in creating more and better fair and inclusive workplaces in Singapore.

8. Later this morning, during the panel discussion, you will have a chance to gain some insights into the employment practices of four Award winners. I encourage you to take this opportunity to learn about what worked for them, and consider how we can apply these ideas into our companies.

9. As we celebrate the achievements of the exemplary employers who are here with us today, I would like to remind everyone that this journey to be fair
and progressive doesn’t today.In fact, it is endless.

10. Therefore, we must continue to be inquisitive, and be open to new ways of improving what you have already put in place. Benchmark ourselves not just against our peers in the same industry, but the rest of Singapore and, indeed, the best in the world.

11. To the winners, I once again commend you on winning the award, and encourage you to share your best practices with others so that everyone can learn and grow. Together, we can all build the workplace of the future, and that is a workplace that is fair, inclusive and progressive.

12. Have a great morning, thank you very much.