Exemplary Employers And Individuals Recognised At Tripartite Alliance Award 2021

16 Aug 2021Press Releases

21 organisations and 6 individuals were recognised for their fair and progressive employment practices in today’s Tripartite Alliance Award 2021 presentation ceremony, organised by the Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices (TAFEP). Dr Tan See Leng, Minister for Manpower & Second Minister for Trade and Industry, was the Guest-of-Honour at the award ceremony.

About the Tripartite Alliance Award 2021

2. Conferred by the tripartite partners, the Tripartite Alliance Award recognises exemplary organisations that have effectively implemented fair, responsible and progressive employment practices, while keeping employees at the heart of their progress. It also recognises individuals who have been instrumental in the creation of a fair and progressive workplace culture.

3. The Tripartite Alliance Award includes a holistic assessment of an organisation’s employment practices and recognises the differing strengths through the following categories:
- Age Inclusive Practices
- Fair and Progressive Employment Practices
- Responsible Best Sourcing
- Work-Life Excellence

4. The number of organisations nominated by their employees or unions for the 2021 Award increased by about 20% to 181 (up from 152 in the 2018 run). From the nominated organisations, 29 organisations were shortlisted as finalists, and 21 emerged as winners (see Annex A). 6 individuals were also conferred awards under the Leadership, Workplace Advocate and Special Mention categories (see Annex B). Notably, out of the 21 winners, half of them (11 out of 21) were small and medium enterprises. This shows that all organisations can be progressive, regardless of their size. 

5. Ministry Holdings Pte Ltd and OCBC Bank were conferred the Pinnacle Award, in recognition of their holistic people-centric strategies and practices above and beyond the scope of the Tripartite Alliance Award. In conferring this Pinnacle Award, the judges took into account the range and relevance of an organisation’s policies and programmes in addressing its current workforce needs as well as its efforts to prepare its employees for the future in line with areas of national interest.

6. “The Tripartite Alliance Award is an extraordinary award for extraordinary employers in extraordinary times. This round, our Award winners continued to press ahead with their progressive employment practices even when faced with challenging circumstances and COVID-related disruptions. It is a valuable reminder that fair and progressive employment practices are important, not just during good times, but also during challenging times,” said Mr Stephen Lee, Chairman, Tripartite Alliance Limited.

7. “The panel of judges witnessed an increase in number and quality of submissions across all the main award categories, which made identifying the winners exceptionally challenging. These responsible and responsive employers ensured that their policies and practices could bring out the best in their employees. They have shown us how important it is to manifest the 5 building blocks of the DNA that were identified,” said Professor Annie Koh, Chairperson of the judging panel for the Tripartite Alliance Awards.

Research on progressive practices and mindsets of Tripartite Award Winners

8. TAFEP has partnered with Human Capital Leadership Institute and put together a research report titled “Beyond 2020: DNA of Progressive Employers”, based on their study on the mindsets and practices that made the Award winners such exemplary employers. From the research report, it was found that Award winners had five building blocks in their approach towards their business and employees - Collaborative Networks, Employee Voice, Continuous Evolution, Talent Optimisation, and Holistic Care (see Annex E).

9. Employers can refer to this report as a useful guide on how to take further steps on their own journeys to becoming progressive employers.

Launch of the Tripartite Collective

10. Dr Tan also announced the set-up of the Tripartite Collective. The Tripartite Collective aims to bring together the tripartite community to exchange ideas on issues faced by the workforce and employers, and foster a shared understanding on such issues.

11. The Tripartite Collective is a new membership-based set-up comprising members from tripartite partners as well as representatives from the academic, legal and media communities. It will commission research studies, organise open dialogues and cross-sharing sessions, and regular engagements and capability development programmes. This will allow us to foster a shared understanding on the role and importance of tripartism in Singapore.

12. The Tripartite Collective will be supported by Temasek Foundation and the tripartite partners (Ministry of Manpower, National Trades Union Congress, and Singapore National Employers Federation).