Noor Lyna Zainuddin

Adjunct Lecturer, Tertiary Education

13 Jan 2021 Work-life harmony

Name: Noor Lyna Zainuddin

Industry: Education 

Job role: Adjunct Lecturer


My Work-Life Experience

Through her personal work-life journey, Noor Lyna has found that flexible work arrangements (FWAs) have enriched her in many aspects, “I’m able to step in whenever there is a need to help family members, and it has also opened up a lot of work opportunities for me”.

Lyna was a full-time educator for a decade before she began to explore FWAs as a way to pursue her passion for teaching, while still being the primary caregiver for her young children. With technological advancements that enable employees to work outside of the traditional office setting, she believes that they should be empowered to utilise FWAs to work in a manner that maximises their personal efficiency.

In her career thus far, Lyna has found that supportive employers can make a significant impact in the implementation of FWAs. Her current employer provides her with the flexibility to choose her teaching time slots and is also mindful to check her availability when organising meetings with the team, to ensure effective communication and efficient decision-making. “They also set very clear guidelines of what is to be accomplished” and provide employees with the choice to work remotely, “and this indicates their level of trust as well”.

Lyna believes that when employees feel trusted and are provided with FWA options, this has an effect on work efficiency as employees will be motivated to excel. She shares, 

“I took personal initiative in finding ways to improve my craft and asked myself, how could I best give back to the organisation?”

She constantly seeks out resources and training to refine her skills as an educator.

She encourages working individuals to consider how FWAs can enhance their personal work-life effectiveness. When provided with more autonomy, she believes that employees will take greater ownership over their work, and be even more driven to succeed, “I have grown as a lecturer. Having the freedom to choose a flexible working path has made me more mindful of my choices and increased my willingness to learn and try new things”.

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