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Jayson Quek

Senior Manager, Promotions and Outreach

WSH Council

I have been with the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Council for the past 12 years and have taken on the WSH Awards portfolio since the day I started work here. The WSH Council organises the WSH Awards annually to celebrate the best in Safety and Health each year. Most people would think that organising the Awards gets easier every time. But what if I told you that the converse is true?

To improve is to change. Through the years, as we challenge ourselves to make conditions safer and healthier for our workers, the parameters of the WSH Awards have constantly evolved. One of the biggest challenges faced was the need to expand the concept of WSH to include non-traditional sectors like hospitality and entertainment. Companies in these sectors had viewed safety very differently from the traditional ones such as construction and marine who had long prioritised safety.

Last year also threw us a huge curveball in the form of Covid-19. By not having the means to hold an actual awards ceremony, the team had to rethink our strategy and brainstorm on alternatives so that award recipients could continually be recognised for their good work. Not to mention, the learning curve to transit from managing a physical event to a virtual one was also really steep!

What I love most about event management is the adrenalin rush as the actual day of the event draws near, as well as the sense of achievement I get after. In the midst of it all, I also get the opportunity to interact with numerous stakeholders, which is something I enjoy given my extroverted nature.

My job has taught me to always leave no stone unturned, as unforeseen circumstances can happen at the very last minute. How smoothly an event goes depends on how comprehensive your risk assessment is! Just like in life, one must always be prepared and have plans to deal with the unexpected. Earlier this year, I lost my mum to cancer. Even though I prepared myself for her passing ever since she was diagnosed, I find comfort in living my life as how she would have wanted me to –to give back to those who give, to spare a thought for others, and to have empathy for those around. 
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