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Manager, Human Resources


An introvert at heart, people are puzzled by my career choice to be in Human Resources (HR). My foray into organisational development at the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) more than ten years ago, has led me to be in the line of HR ever since. I have tried a little bit of everything from employee engagement to organisational development to training to recruitment.  

Most would think that HR is a job of boring compliance full of paperwork, but it has in fact given me opportunities to flex my creative muscles and be experimental. An example was when I was involved in the renovation project for the new office spaces at Devan Nair Institute and the MOM Services Centre. As part of the project committee, I got to work with interior designers, contractors, and consultants on the concept and layout of the offices throughout the renovation process. After eight to nine months of countless round-the-clock meetings, it was rewarding to see it all come to fruition. The fulfilling experience made me feel like the many months of hard work was all worth the while.

Currently, I engage with employees of Tripartite Alliance Limited (TAL), where we would come up with initiatives to care for the physical and mental well-being of staff, as well as send out internal communication on a variety of topics, to motivate them. I love that in a field geared more towards extroverts, my job allows me to continue engaging employees in spite of my shy and reserved nature. Moreover, designing the internal communication circulars gives me the freedom to be creative. At times, I am able to add a slight touch of humour to the content, and it makes me happy when colleagues tell me that my light-hearted creations have helped put a smile on their faces – warms the sea hum of my heart.

TAL is set up to be the driving force for progressive workplaces and harmonious work relations.

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