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Manager, Customer and Case Management


My thirst for learning and innate passion to help people improve their lives and careers have always been central in my career choices. 

Before I joined TAFEP, I had heard and witnessed incidents of unfairness at workplaces, and people overlooked how these incidents could deeply impact those around them. One such incident involved a colleague from another department and his team leader, who reprimanded him over minor issues. Other colleagues followed suit by scolding him and making remarks over small matters. When he reported the matter to HR, they interviewed the colleagues who all said that the issue was with him and picked on his shortcomings.

HR left the case as it was and there were no follow-up actions. Feeling distressed, he left the organisation. 
After all these years, I have not forgotten about the incident. I feel that people deserve a fair workplace where they would feel safe to work in. A workplace which allows people to make mistakes, learn from them, and make improvements. Eventually, the organisation would benefit too. As an old saying goes, take care of your staff and your staff will take care of your business.

Inspired to help affected workers address such situations at work, I actively pursued opportunities at TAFEP, and today, here I am. 

In my job, it is essential to have empathy, skills to manage different emotions, and be a good listener. My work includes taking calls and managing complaints and disputes related to discriminatory job ads and workplace harassment. I would listen to the employees, understand their situation, and advise how we could assist further. This may range from providing resources and advisory on employment matters to conducting investigations on potential cases of discrimination. I am happy that I can apply my skills and lessons learnt from my earlier work experience to help those in need and address their workplace issues.

Promoting the adoption of fair, responsible and progressive employment practices.

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