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Choo Zhiyong

Senior Manager, Programme and Capability Development


Many times, people may not know what my job entails. 

It involves conducting desktop research to develop practical resources to help companies navigate the emerging trends, and sharing of best practices and advice that are relevant to them in the local employment landscape.

Often, I have to think about how to balance different perspectives. From government policies developed based on broader national concerns, to how these changes would affect companies’ business focus, to workers’ bread and butter concerns. It helps when I work in tandem with colleagues who deal with employers and employees daily and gather information and feedback about on-ground issues and concerns.

Apart from this, I am also a trainer for fair hiring rehabilitation clinic which is conducted for employers who are found to have employment issues. There are some companies with discriminatory practices and are not sure how to correct and formalise their HR processes. I am happy that my sharing at the clinics have helped to enlighten these employers and equip them with better knowledge on how to improve their practices at their workplaces.

Even if it was just one company that rectified its practices, or one worker who got treated fairly, all of my efforts would be worth it. What keeps me going is knowing that my work spurs companies to continue exploring new ways to improve, help their employees take on bigger job roles, and better manage personal and work responsibilities. I feel it’s a privilege that my job allows me to correct some wrong workplace practices and contribute to the shaping of a better society.

Last year when Covid-19 emerged, I was deployed at the dormitories as part of Singapore’s fight against the pandemic. During my three-and-a-half-month stint, some of my work included implementing safe distancing measures, food distribution, setting up the medical post, preparation of workflow, and ensuring workers got their salary on time.

I was able to build friendships with many of the migrant workers, who could recognise me even with my full personal protection equipment on! It was indeed an eye-opening experience for me. What was most fulfilling was that the workers appreciated the work we put in for them in taking care of their needs.

This experience reminded me that we have much in common – our love for food, fun and family. We all have emotions. We all have our fears. This is what make us human beings, and that is what matters.

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