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Manager, FEP, Programmes and Capability Development


A couple of years ago, my parents-in-law met with a traffic accident on their way to work. 

My parents-in-law were in ICU for one week and hospitalised for almost a month. They had to undergo major surgery and it took a long time before they eventually recovered. 

It was a difficult period for everyone in the family. My husband and I had to take turns to care for my parents-in-law, shuttle our son between childcare and home, and on top of that, we still had to fulfil our usual work responsibilities. 

I had so many things on my mind. School, hospital, work, home – each by itself was enough to be a full-time job, but now they were all thrust onto me at the same time. I told myself I needed to take things one step at a time, and just focus on what’s at hand. I tried to keep myself organised by using a notebook to jot down my schedule and created to-do lists for both work and personal tasks.

Being able to continue my work during that period provided me with some balance. It gave me a sense of control and took my mind off the many other demands. 

Nevertheless, working remotely also came with its own challenges. In between talking to doctors and making sure my parents-in-law were comfortable, I would be working on my laptop at their bedsides or in the visitor lounge. 

Despite the challenges, there were some memorable moments. I remember some of my colleagues actually came together on their own accord to send flowers and a fruit basket to the hospital! 

It really helped that my Reporting Officer and teammates were very understanding. It would also have been very tough for me if TAFEP did not allow me to work remotely. I would probably have to take many more days of paid and unpaid leave, and I would not have been able to support my team as effectively.

In the subsequent years, I continued to utilise many of the flexible work arrangements offered by TAFEP. These arrangements have helped me to take care of my family while still fulfilling my work responsibilities. I’m grateful to be working with a supportive team and a progressive employer. 

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