Tripartite Alliance Award 2021 Winners

We are pleased to present our exemplary employers. 

Exemplary employers keep their employees at the heart of their progress by implementing fair, responsible and progressive employment practices in their workplaces.

The tripartite partners are proud to present the Tripartite Alliance Award 2021 to employers who have demonstrated strong commitment and excellence in building a work environment that enables their employees to grow, develop and thrive.

Pinnacle Award

The most prestigious award which is conferred to outstanding organisations in acknowledgement of their holistic people strategy and practices that go above and beyond the scope of the Tripartite Alliance Award. 

The winners are:

Ministry Holdings Pte Ltd


Leadership Award

The Leadership Award recognises senior management who have made exceptional contributions in the respective award areas. 

The winners are:

Leadership Award for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices:

Ms Jennifer Tan
Director of Talent and Culture
Raffles Hotel Singapore

Leadership Award for Work-Life Excellence:

Mr Patrick Fiat
General Manager
Royal Plaza on Scotts

Leadership Award for Age Inclusive Practices:

Ms Sheela Parakkal
Chief Human Resources Officer
Prudential Assurance Company Singapore

Workplace Advocate Award

The Workplace Advocate Award recognises middle management and supervisors who have been effective contributors and change agents in the respective award areas.

The winners are:

Workplace Advocate Award for Work-Life Excellence:

Ms Felicia Sim
Head of Production
Hoods Inc. Productions Pte Ltd

Workplace Advocate Award for Age Inclusive Practices:

Mr Anshari Bin Moideen Kutty
Assistant HR Manager
Ministry Holdings Pte Ltd 

Special Mention Award

The winner is:

Special Mention Award for Advocate for Work-Life Harmony:

Mr David Cheng Chi-Jian
Senior Vice President
Head of Corporate Finance
OCBC Bank 

Fair and Progressive Employment Practices

This award category recognises organisations with effective workplace and people practices, that proactively cultivate an inclusive culture and consciously build strong employee relations. 

The winners are: 

1. aAdvantage Consulting Group Pte Ltd

2. Ascott International Management Pte Ltd

3. Aviva Ltd

4. DBS Bank 

5. Emergenetics Asia Pacific

6. Home Team Academy

7. MatchMove

8. Ministry Holdings Pte Ltd

9. OCBC Bank

10. Raffles Hotel Singapore

11. SAP Asia Pte Ltd

12. Unity Technologies Singapore Pte Ltd 


Work-Life Excellence

This award category recognises excellence in work-life strategies that effectively maximise employee performance while helping them manage their work-life harmony. 

The winners are:

1. aAdvantage Consulting Group Pte Ltd

2. Aviva Ltd 

3. DBS Bank  

4. Focus on the Family Singapore Ltd

5. Home Team Academy

6. Hoods Inc. Productions Pte Ltd

7. i-Sprint Innovations Pte Ltd

8. OCBC Bank

9. Quest Technology Systems (Singapore) Pte Ltd

10. Royal Plaza on Scotts

11. SAP Asia Pte Ltd

12. SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions Singapore Pte Ltd 


Age Inclusive Practices

This award category showcases organisations who have actively and effectively implemented age inclusive practices to build an age-diverse workplace, removing barriers to employment. 

The winners are: 

1. Go Ahead Singapore Pte. Ltd 

2. Mandarin Oriental, Singapore 

3. Ministry Holdings Pte Ltd

4. Prudential Assurance Company Singapore