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Dong Hai

Manager, Customer and Case Management


Before I joined TAFEP, I had been in quite a few jobs. I was a relationship manager in two local banks, helped a friend’s construction firm to inspect sewers, and even gave dating tips at a dating agency. It’s quite a diverse work history, but I think they have given me greater confidence in relating to people. 

At TAFEP, that’s my job – relating to people. When I engage employers, I explain that we are the good guys, and ask them to “help me help you”. Most employers usually listen to my advice on how they can improve.

I remember speaking to a highly qualified senior banker who was crying as she talked to me. Her relationship with her supervisor had broken down to the point where she wanted to quit. However, she had to serve a rather long notice period, and she felt trapped and helpless. 

I told her that she could see this as having more time to look for a new job, and it probably helped her to view her situation more positively. Some time later, she found a new job and called to thank me for providing a listening ear. 

I always tell my friends that we genuinely want to help others, and do so through different work streams. I’m happy working at TAFEP because it allows me to help people.

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