Public consultation for the revised WSH Guidelines on Design for Safety

11 Jan 2022 Announcements

The Workplace Safety and Health (Design for Safety) Regulations was enacted in July 2015 with the aim to:

1. Place responsibilities on developers and designers to identify and address foreseeable risks throughout the entire life cycle of the construction project;

2. Achieve sustained WSH improvements through better coordination amongst all stakeholders to manage WSH risks upstream at the design and planning phase; and

3. Improve the planning and effective management of safety and health risks throughout the entire life cycle of a construction project.

The WSH Council convened a workgroup consisting of industry partners, such as the trade associations and chambers, professional bodies, and government agencies like the Building and Construction Authority and Ministry of Manpower, to revise the WSH Guidelines on Design for Safety (DfS) to offer more guidance and provide greater clarity in DfS implementation.

We would like to seek inputs and suggestions on the revised guidelines prior to publication.

The public consultation is open from 10 January to 9 February 2022. Please read the revised Workplace Safety and Health Guidelines on Design for Safety and send your feedback to by 9 February 2022.

Your views are important and will help to shape the future of workplace safety and health in Singapore.