Public Consultation for WSH Guidelines on Return-To-Work

20 Sep 2021 Announcements

The Return-To-Work (RTW) programme is a structured process within a company to facilitate the safe and expeditious return to the workplace of injured or sick employees. It provides early intervention to help these employees regain their work ability and long-term employability so that they can continue to be productive at the workplace. The RTW programme also supports employers in maintaining productivity of their companies and contributes to the recovery and rehabilitation of the injured or ill employee.

The WSH Council has developed a set of guidelines to guide employers in establishing an RTW programme in their workplace. The guidelines also serve as a practical guide for medical practitioners to determine the worker’s fitness status. 

The Draft WSH Guidelines on Return-To-Work is open for feedback and comments from the 20 September to the 18 October 2021. Email the completed Feedback Form to We look forward to your valuable feedback. Thank you.