Safe Hands Campaign 2022

Losing a finger, a hand or any part of the body not only causes physical pain to the worker, but also severely impacts the worker’s livelihood and mental well-being. The annual Safe Hands Campaign seeks to remind everyone to protect their hands while at work, and companies to instil a culture of prevention in the workplace so as to prevent hand and finger injuries.   

Launch of the Safe Hands Campaign 2022

Organised by the Singapore Manufacturing Federation and the WSH Council, the Safe Hands Campaign was launched on 23 March 2022 to raise awareness of the prevention of hand and finger injuries at the workplace. It was attended by close to 700 attendees.
The Campaign launch programme was as follows:
- Welcome Address by Mr Douglas Foo, Chairman, WSH Council (Manufacturing) Committee
- Opening Address by Mr Zaqy Mohamad, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Manpower
- Screening of Site Tour Video at Thong Siek Food Industry, led by SMS Zaqy Mohamad
- Presentation by Thong Siek Food Industry on using technology to prevent amputations
- Screening of Behavioural Observation and Intervention Video 

This year’s campaign is targeted at the Food Manufacturing subsector, which accounts for the second highest number of amputation injuries.

Amputation often arises from two reasons:
- Improper or no machine guarding: This results in workers’ hands being exposed to moving parts of the machines.
- Risky or unsafe behaviours: Workers may react instinctively in a dangerous manner to an unforeseen situation, putting themselves or their co-workers at risk of being injured.

Companies can take these actions to prevent hand and finger injuries in the workplace: 
- Ensure that machine guarding is properly maintained and not dismantled out of convenience.
- Ensure that workers are trained to operate a machine and know how to react safely to unexpected situations.
- Encourage workers to look out for one another’s safety and health.
- Consider incorporating technology into work operations:
To reduce the need for manual handling, which could result in less human interaction with potential hazards, like moving blades and heavy machinery.  

How to participate in the Safe Hands Campaign 2022
Share these videos with your workers:
- WSH Council’s video  on “Prevent accidents through Behavioural Observation and Intervention (BO&I)
Find out how companies from different manufacturing subsectors can apply BO&I to minimise the occurrence of hazardous situations at the workplace.

- Site Tour Video  at Thong Siek Food Industry Pte Ltd, led by SMS Zaqy Mohamad
Learn how Thong Siek uses technology to prevent hand and finger injuries, and improve workers’ quality of work.

Share the following resources with your workers and management:

Resources for Employees

Take Time to Take Care:
Visit the microsite and find out how you can make time for your safety and health.

Care Kit for Employees:
Download this kit where you will learn about health tips and more on how to be safer at work.

Resources for Employers

Employer’s Kit
Find out how to create a healthier and safer workforce.

Library of Photos on Best Practices for Machinery Safety

Case Studies for Food Manufacturing

Case Studies for Metalworking Industry