GUIDE Process

Learn how to perform the DfS review process systematically.


GUIDE is a recommended approach to perform the DfS review. It identifies foreseeable risks in the project and ensures that the design is safe.


The steps in the GUIDE process are:




  • Group main stakeholders in a review team.


Understand the full design concept by:

  • Looking at the drawings and calculations; or
  • Getting designers to elaborate on the design.


  • Identify risks that may arise as a result of the design or construction method; and
  • Record and analyse risks to see if they can be eliminated by changing the design.


  • Design around the identified risks to eliminate or mitigate risks.


Enter key information into the DfS Register, such as:

  • Vital design changes that would affect safety and health; or
  • Remaining risks to be mitigated.


GUIDE is recommended to be done in three phases, namely:

  1. Concept design review
  2. Detailed design, maintenance and repair review
  3. Pre-construction review

The following figure illustrates the GUIDE process for typical projects.



Post Application

After the DfS review process is done, there should be:

  • Endorsement of safest possible designs by all parties; and
  • A record of residual risks and vital safety and health information.