SnapSAFE is a mobile application developed by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). It aims to encourage the industry’s ownership of workplace safety and health.

09 Dec 2020 e-Tool Mobile App

About SnapSAFE

SnapSAFE will be discontinued from 31 August 2021 onwards. If you wish to keep a record of your past corporate reports, please download the CSV file from the corporate account Dashboard before its date of decommission.
For public reporting of workplace safety and health issues, please call 6438 5122 or visit Near Miss Reporting webpage.
We encourage employers and employees to continue to take ownership of your workplaces by keeping up the near-miss reporting culture. Please continue to take time to take care of your safety and health.  

Anyone can use SnapSAFE to report WSH issues. It comprises
• a public reporting function where you can send WSH reports to MOM;
• a corporate reporting function where companies can facilitate WSH reports internally.

For Public Reporting
Using SnapSAFE, members of the public can report WSH issues to MOM. They will now be able to receive updates on the reports that they made and are notified when a WSH issue has been rectified.   

For Corporate Reporting

Companies can now make use of this new feature to manage and resolve WSH issues at their workplaces. Reports made can be assigned quickly to employees for their actions. There’s also a dashboard to review status of WSH issues.

Enforcement actions will not be taken for reports submitted through the corporate reporting function.

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