Human Capital Partnership Conversations - January to March 2021

This quarterly e-newsletter shares the latest events, trends and best practices of progressive employers in the Human Capital Partnership Programme.

17 Dec 2020 Publications Age management Recruitment Best practices Human capital partnership

  • Workplace Management in a Time of Rapid Transformation
    With the world of work changing so quickly, how can companies optimise their human capital to stay on top of things? Workplace and human capital expert Jacqueline Gwee, Director of consultancy firm aAdvantage, shares her thoughts.

  • COVID-19: Find out how our older workers had fared
    Our older workers are adapting well amidst big change. We go into the why and how.

  • Retaining Older Workers: Up to $375k in Grants
    Two grants to support progressive employers who are committed to enhancing their older workers’ career longevity. Are you on board yet?