A New World of Work: Implementing Flexible Work Arrangements

An introduction to work-life strategy and flexible work arrangements.

03 Jan 2022 Workshop Work-life harmony Best practices

A New World of Work: Implementing Flexible Work Arrangements
  • Date:

    11 Feb 2022

  • Time:

    9:00AM - 1:00PM

  • Location:

    Virtual Training
  • Remaining Capacity:


  • Cost:

    $100 per participant

  • Audience:

    Employers and HR who would like an introduction to work-life strategy and FWAs, as well as those seeking to formally implement FWA practices and policies.

About the workshop

In Singapore’s work landscape, employers are increasingly embracing hybrid working arrangements that offer their employees greater flexibility and autonomy at work, and ultimately support organisational goals. As an employer, knowing how to implement flexible work arrangements (FWAs) effectively is key.

Each participant will receive a complimentary 30-min follow up coaching call after the workshop.

Course Outline

  • Key steps to creating a work-life strategy.
  • Common challenges in FWA implementation and how to overcome them.
  • Best practices and tips to maximise your organisation's flexible working experience.

About the Trainer

Judith Alagirisamy

Manager, Programmes and Capability Development


Judith is a trained consultant who conducts trainings and creates resources on the sustainable implementation of flexible work arrangements. As a firm work-life advocate, she believes that work-life harmony is an integral part of building healthy organisations, communities and resilient individuals. Judith is currently a manager in TAFEP’s Programmes and Capability Development team which designs and develops resources and programmes for employers to enhance the implementation and adoption of fair and progressive employment practices to grow the community of exemplary employers.