Yeo Miu Ean

Chief Success Officer, Charistal Pte Ltd

13 Jan 2021 Work-life harmony

Yeo Miu Ean
Company: Charistal Pte Ltd  


The Business Case for Work-life

“Over the past two decades Miu Ean has successfully advocated for better work-life practices and is currently a HR trainer and consultant specialising in the implementation of FWAs and equipping individuals with the skills for greater personal work-life effectiveness. 

As Singapore addresses the needs of an ageing population, working adults face added work-life challenges such as juggling their career with eldercare responsibilities for aged parents in addition to other personal and familial responsibilities. Ean believes that one critical way to retain talent in the workforce is to enable them to contribute to business results even as they manage their various roles on the work and home fronts. She shares regularly on the various FWA options that employers can implement to support their staff, such as telecommuting and flexi-load arrangements. 

Ean also urges employers to recognise the value of the mature talent in their workforce, and to consider how they can retain and transfer the wealth of knowledge, skills and experience from these employees, to the next generation of the workforce. She highlights that

“as the retirement and re-employment ages are raised, employers that successfully facilitate work-life harmony for mature workers stand to reap the benefits”.

These organisations also contribute towards Singapore’s effort to develop productive longevity for these older workers, which is critical to their well-being as they age.

Ean observes that it is common for employers to face initial teething issues when newly implementing FWAs. She recommends that they focus on getting the right resources and skills to resolve these challenges, and emphasises the importance of establishing and communicating clear guidelines on the usage of FWAs. 

Through her work with organisations and working adults, she has found that when employers establish results-based performance management systems, such as those using key performance indicators and milestone-reporting, they are more equipped to implement FWAs successfully. Ean shares that with clear measurable outcomes in place, employees who are working flexibly will benefit from having this clarity, and work towards these goals. With this, companies will be able to implement flexible work arrangements in an effective and sustainable manner for the long-term. 


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