Fair Grievance Handling

Jointly organised with the Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF)

15 Jul 2020 Workshop Grievance handling

  • Date:

    04 Aug 2020

  • Time:

    9:00AM - 5:00PM

  • Location:

    Virtual Training
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  • Cost:

    $321 (inclusive of GST)

  • Audience:

    Employers, HR practitioners, and line managers/supervisors.

About the workshop

As a supervisor, you may encounter the challenge of dealing with upset employees. You will need an established grievance handling procedure to deal with such situations. It is therefore important that organisations, regardless of size ensure that the right processes are in place to prepare managers to deal with grievances. This workshop will utilise key resources such as the Grievance Handling Handbook, and the Principles of Fair Employment Practices as laid out in the "Tripartite Guidelines on Fair Employment Practices" formulated by TAFEP.

Course Outline 


  • Definition of Grievances and Complaints at the Workplace
  • Types of Grievances: General versus Individual

Legal Considerations

  • Employment Act
  • Protection from Harassment Act
  • Tripartite Advisory on Managing Workplace Harassment

Why a Grievance Handling Procedure is Vital

  • Developing a Fair and Effective Grievance Handling Procedure
  • Principles of Grievance Handling: General versus Individual
  • Consequences of Mishandling Grievances
  • Workplace Harassment as a Source of Grievance
  • Managing Workplace Harassment

Making the Grievance Procedure Work

  • Roles of Supervisors and Managers
  • Role of Unions
  • Skills and Techniques of Grievance Handling
  • Handling Common and Unexpected Scenarios

Recognising Signs of Grievance

  • Poor Performance versus Misconduct, or Expression of Grievance
  • Handling Under-Performing Employee and Misconducts
  • Using Harassment to Trigger Termination of Employment
  • Avenues/ Resources
  • Employee Counselling Session Versus Disciplinary Process

About the Trainer

Linda Ang

Senior IR Consultant

Singapore National Employers Federation

Linda Ang is a Senior IR Consultant in SNEF. She provides human resource management/ industrial relations advice and services to clients. She has also been conducting courses on HR/IR topics in centre, as well as crafting and presenting customised training programmes based on employers’ requests and requirements.